HMRC Self Assessment Login- Pay your Tax Online

To pay anything standing in the ques has now been replaced by paying online. Are you looking for HMRC login too? Read on to know everything about HMRC login.

If you want to send your taxes directly to UK Government, this online procedure is here to assist you. HMRC has provided an online portal to assist tax payers. But what is HMRC?

About HMRC Self Assessment Login

HMRC stands for Her Majesty Revenue and Custom. This federation is responsible for tax collection and is given the power to analyze the taxes. It is not run by any Government minister rather it has a team that works together to collect the taxes from the citizens of UK.

Merger of Inland Revenue and her majesty customs is behind the formation of HMRC. It was initiated in 2005 with it’s headquarter located in 100 Parliament Street, London.

Let’s make it to the login process. Below is discussed a detailed analysis on how you will use HMRC.

HMRC Account Registration

To login, you must be a registered member of HMRC online portal. Follow the tutorial to know how you will register yourself.

  • Launch official website
  • You will see four options popping up.
  • Individual
  • Organization
  • Pension
  • Agent

Individual account is for personal taxes. This is fir the people who finance themselves.

Organization account lets you pay the tax on the behalf of the organization you belong to.

Agent account is suitable for you if you are going to pay tax on your client’s behalf.

Pension account allows you to use HMRC services as Pension administrator.

Click as per your needs.

How to Create Individual Account?

  • Visit the official website
  • Click continue or Create Individual
  • You are now taken to the registration form.
  • List your details here.
  • List your name and email address
  • Set up a username and passcode
  • Re-enter your passcode to confirm
  • Your password should be between 8-12 characters with upper and lowercase letters.
  • Click Continue and you will get a User ID anytime you need to login

How to Create an  HMRC Organization Account?

  • On the official website click Create Organization
  • You are now directed to the registration form
  • List your username and email address
  • Set a Username and Password
  • Your password should be between 8-12 characters with both upper and lowercase letters.
  • Click Continue
  • You will get a user ID now which you can use every time

How to Create an Agent HMRC Account?

  • In case you are an agent of HMRC, you should go for clicking Agent Account.
  • Now click Next
  • You will see these following options:
  • After HMRC Agent Services
  • Charities for Agents
  • Corporation Tax for Agents
  • Machine Games Duty for Agents
  • Notification of Vehicle Arrival
  • VAT Mini One Stop Shop for Agents
  • PAYE/CIS/ERS for Agents
  • Self-Assessment for Agents
  • Stamp Taxes for Agents
  • After you have select any option you will be taken to the registration forum where you have to list your organization information and an email.
  • Create a Password and reenter it to confirm.
  • Click Next and you now have your user ID

How to Create a Pension Hmrc Account?

  • Click Pension and then continue
  • On the directed page you will see two options popping up.
  • Pension Schemes for Administers; Pension Schemes for Practitioners
  • List all the important information that is asked
  • Set for yourself a Username and Password

How do I login to HMRC?

Now that you have learnt how to register to HMRC, you can easily understand HMRC Login process. You are now a registered member of HMRC follows these footsteps to login:

  • Visit this Link
  • Now you are taken to the official homepage of HMRC
  • You can see a Sign-in text box
  • List all your account related information here
  • Enter your Username and passcode you have set to begin

How do I Set up a Personal Tax Account Sign-In?

Personal Tax account assists you to keep a check on your credentials. To check and pay your personal taxes you will follow these steps:

  • Click the Link
  • You should have a Government Gateway account
  • your National Insurance number
  • Now that you have listed both, click Sign-In.
  • To Sign-in, click Get Started
  • List your username and passcode
  • List your Password and begin

What do I do if I forget my User ID, Password or Activation Code?

For this purpose, you can contact HMRC Sales representatives. You can always request a new passcode if you are a registered member. To recover your password, you need your user ID or else you will have to register all over again. Remember your email through which you have signed-in and reset your password. Do the same in case you lose your User ID.

Activation Code expires within 10 days. If you want a new one or want yo retrieve the old one you need to login to HMRC online services portal.